Best Hobbies For Men

We are quite familiar with the question “so, what are your hobbies?” And that seems like a quaint question now! In today’s tech savvy society, where everyone’s to-do list is getting bigger day by day and people are getting more addicted to their screens, hobbies are like some soothing activities which are more wholesome than twitter and Netflix. Hobbies serve as an antidote of busy boring life. Modern life is always about staring at a screen and repeating the same old routine that make anyone’s life miserable! So man! We need hobbies! Not just to reduce stress and deal with depression, but also for self-improvement and feel refreshed. We understand everyone has a limited leisure time, but that can be proved as an opportunity to find and continue one’s passion. So don’t just be sitting on the couch and staring at a screen for hours, but learn new hobbies to expand your creativity during free time. Hobbies will let you teach valuable skills, help you to go and meet friends and to become a well-rounded man. Here we discuss some hobbies and skills for men that can boost self-esteem. These hobbies will distract you from the screen and improve your fitness.

Computer programming

Learning to code in Python and Java can be a great option for you. Computer programming is one of the coolest job in the world. Programming skills can be proved beneficial in your workplace. It will not only make you important to your boss, but it will also give you a new personality in the workplace. In this technological era, people who master Machine learning and artificial intelligence are already trending in every job requirement section. You can become a modern mechanic that will place you out of the crowd. And after all, who won’t like a man who talks in computer code?

Playing guitar or any other musical instrument:

Playing a guitar or any other musical instrument has been always a skill that will provide you and people in your circle with lots of entertainment. And Oh! You might have noticed that girls generally like a guy who can play guitar. Personally, I’ve used my guitar skills to make it to my school’s musical band. And I have seen people in my family gatherings around our backyard sit for some mesmerizing sing-along occasionally. Having skills to play any instrument is good, but, of course! Guitars have an advantage of being relatively less costly, and it’s easier to learn for beginners. There are lots of websites online that provide free guitar learning courses, so, it’s quite easier to learn a new skill at a self-pace.

Star gazing:

You might find it amazing to gaze at the night sky and star patterns may fascinate you, then I might say you should take up astronomy and learn all about the stars, comets, galaxies, nebulas and other celestial objects and theories behind them. Not anywhere it has been mentioned that you should go back to school and become a teacher in astronomy, and it’s perfectly okay to be an amateur astronomer with nothing but a normal telescope. You can also design and construct your own astronomical equipment from scratch, which is very common among amateur astronomers who later end up doing something fascinating in this field.


We have almost adopted a digital life which is at full pace; good handwriting styles are becoming less appreciated nowadays. But that should not stop you from selecting calligraphy as a hobby. Calligraphy is still appreciated and a need in a lot of areas, which includes event invitation cards, logo design for any organization, and graphic design. Wall paintings or graffiti art requires huge calligraphy skills. Take up calligraphy lessons or you can try on your own style and surprise your date by showcasing a creative signature when you put your signature on the bill.


There’s an old proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. If you want to have a taste of seafood without buying it from the market, then try fishing. In addition, the calmness that comes from fishing for a whole day on the lake is worth it! If you can master this tough job of fishing, congratulations!! You have developed a man-skill.

Blogging or writing

Writing is counted as one of the most self-effacing activities one person can choose as a hobby. You can start doing serious professional blogging if you want to end up making money by expressing your emotions and creativity. Writing and blogging in leisure time is the best way to utilize those hours and you may end up learning how to craft any narrative, learning how to write a reply efficiently and thus enhancing your communication skills.

Photography skills

Photography skills definitely keep a man stand out of the crowd. Anyone with a proper photography skill gets much higher attention in the group. You may have a desire to click special moments of your life. This hobby will make you familiar with the beauty of the world around you.

Final thought

Almost every night before going to bed, most of us realize that we’ve done almost nothing creative or engaged with activities that we enjoy to do by following again the same old routine! So don’t become a man who spends the entire day before screens, but a man who enjoys the life to the fullest and regrets nothing at the end of the day.…

Best Lotion For Tattoo

Everybody thinks tha the hard part of getting a tattoo in getting inked itself and after that you do not need to take care of the tattoo – this unfortunately isn’t true. Just like with piercings, a huge part of getting a tattoo is the aftercare that is involved. Tattoo aftercare is done to ensure that it heals properly so that the ink settles in your skin and the tattoo itself does not get infected. Infections can be nasty and, in many cases, require medical treatment. Take simple precautions such as going to a hygienic tattoo parlor and making sure your tattoo artists uses a clean needle. After getting a tattoo, avoid exercise and excessive sweating around tattooed area to ensure your skin heals properly.

Disclaimer: This advice is not provided by a doctor or medical professional and should not be considered as such. Before you try out any of these lotions, check the ingredients for any substance you might be allergic to and conduct a patch test on your wrist.

After you get a tattoo, there are several things you need to do to make sure that your tattoo heals properly such as:

  1. After your tattoos is done, your tattoo artist will cover it with petroleum jelly such as Vaseline and cover it with a tattoo.
  2. They will also apply a clear bandage over the tattoo such as Sandiderm to help the tattoo heal. You must only remove this tattoo after 24 hours. If you take off the bandage before this, your tattoo is at risk for an infection.

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  1. Your tattoo artist will also recommend you use an anti-microbial soap to gently was the tattooed area after you take off the bandage. Pat the area dry after you wash it with a clean towel. Do not be too abrasive or you might damage your skin.
  2. Your tattoo artist might also suggest a lotion to use on the tattooed area to help it heal. After you wash the tattoo with the soap, you can use lotions such as:
  • Johnson’s Baby Milk Lotion: This is an affordable option recommended by a lot of tattoo artists. It is thin, non-greasy and can permeate the dry skin easily. By keeping the skin moisturized, it will help the tattoo heal so that the ink will pigment better. And because it is made for babies, it will be very gentle on your skin.

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  • Tattoo Goo Color Guard 30 SPF: This product has sunscreen in it, and so it will be useful for tattoos on your wrist or leg that might be exposed to the sun. Sun is very dangerous for new tattoos and can cause the in to break down or fade over time. Only one hour of direct sunlight can cause your tattoo to fade away. While this is only one of the products that they company Tattoo Goo produces, every product of theirs is made especially for tattoo aftercare such as soap, healing balm, etc.

  • Petroleum Jelly: It was first accidentally discovered in 1859 by workers on an oil rig in Titusville, Pennsylvania. They discovered a paraffin-like substance forming on the rigs and then used it on their cuts and burns – they then discovered that it actually promoted healing. Vaseline has many healing properties and antibacterial properties as well. It can keep your skin moisturized and prevents your skin from getting too dry – this will be especially helpful when your tattoo starts to scab as it can get itchy then. But Vaseline can keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from getting itchy.

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  • Boro Plus Anti-Septic Moisturizing Cream: This is a drugstore brand that can be found at your local pharmacy and is also a very affordable option. It is produced by a company that is known for its pharmaceutical properties, and because it is also anti-septic in nature – it will prevent your tattoo from getting infected.

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  • Aveno Daily Moisturizing Lotion: While this is a pricier option, you can also use it as a regular moisturizer after your tattoo has healed. It’s a deep moisturizer that will prevent your skin from being too dry and will help your tattoo heal quicker. A moisturizer like this can be particularly helpful in case you have a large tattoo that will require a lot of aftercare.

  • Coconut Oil: If you would prefer a more natural option, then you can also go for coconut oil – but make sure you use 100% virgin coconut oil as some impurities or chemicals in the oil can irritate the skin. Coconut Oil is a naturally occurring moisturizer and can nourish the skin from the inside out. It is also a affordable option and has multiple uses. It is also a great option if you are allergic to any ingredients in all the other products.


You must ensure that you diligently take care of your tattoo and keep up the routine for the entire duration of the healing process. The topmost layer of your tattoo will take two to three weeks to heal and will the appearance of the ink will also improve soon after. This is as long as everything goes well with no infections or extreme scabbing taking place. But you must keep up with the tattoo aftercare because a lesser know fact is: it actually takes up to four months for all layers of your skin to heal after getting a tattoo.


Best Tattoo Machines


The society around has gone under amazing remarkable transformation when it comes to accepting the culture of tattoos. Yet not to delitescent the fact, still some aged parts of our society are a little skeptical of accepting this new fashion.

Tattoos can be defined as a body modification where the designs are inked into human flesh, that can be temporary or even permanent. This art of making tattoos is named as tattooing. Tattooing culture has evolved and become a trend especially in the western culture too soon.

History of tattoos:

It is interesting to discover that the history of tattoos suggests its practicing from ancient times and ages around the world. Ancient tattooing was found to be widely practiced among the Austronesian people, in south china and coastal Taiwan prior to at least 1500 BC.

The above picture depicts the last mamababatok, a traditional Kalinga tattooist, of Philippines performing a traditional batek tattoo. Hence ancient tattoos and following traditions show the existence of tattooing from along ago then we can imagine.

Trend of tattoos in modern culture:

The acceptance of tattoos in the modern today shows that it’s the next trend that people want to follow extensively. Tattoos have become a mainstream part of the pop culture. However, it is interesting to see how it is evolved from being a taboo to being normalized and sexy art in modern world.

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But creating this magic on skin is not a task of the naïve. It requires perfection in some of the most excellent and well-equipped tools that help in achieving this art. It requires a dedicated taste and more so knowledge today about modern tattoo craft and co-existence.

The process of creating an artistry:

The methods and machines used for tattoo making need mastery and precautions in the first place. It is very important to know the technique of tattooing before trying, as it needs serious safety intimation.

A lot has to do with understanding and handling the place and workstation too where tattoos are being made. The place needs to be clean and fresh needles are to be used every time, otherwise it is very easy to inject pathogens in the human flesh causing infections with used or unsterilized needles.

More so ever it is extremely necessary to know what the useful machines and tattoo starter kits that are needed to create these masterpieces on skin. So here are the most useful suggestions on best tattoo machines that will ease out your work.

Infinite iron rollers rotary

Roller Rotary – Infinite Irons

  1. This tattoo machine is powered with a dc motor which rotates cylindrically. It has an uncompromising durability and 3.5 mm stroke for perfect lining, has a simple design with not complex intricate designs and a quality motor to last up to 5000 hours.
  2. This roller can be used for shading, lining and coloring purposes. Its classic rotor is about 4.3 ounces and runs on as low as 4V. the simplicity of the design makes it easier to clean and maintain.

2.cheyenne hawk pen

Cheyenne Hawk PEN | Stixis Tattoo & Piercing Supplies

  1. An outstanding forefront to the innovations of tattoos is the Cheyenne hawk pen. It has a design that promises unbeatable precision, good for fine lines and filling and ergonomic built that reduces wrist fatigue.
  2. Its features like low vibration, and volume level guarantees comfort and complete flexibility even on longer working sessions. Its sculpture is such that it gives a feeling of working with a pen.

3.vladbald irons

Seawolf Rotary Direct Drive 3.0

  1. Originating from Russia, vald bald irons offers the most eclectic, high quality equipment. Their tattoo machines appear in many different configurations that satisfies the needs of the aspiring artists around the globe.
  2. Some of its remarkable specifications are 30.5g, aluminum construction, compatible with liner needles of sizes 3-9, and is ideal for all types of fine work. It also has a direct drive design for best tattooing experience with the promise if Moscow based Vlad blad brand capable of doing various styles and serve purposes.

4.FK irons spectra edge X

FK Irons Spektra Edge X Tattoo Machine | Dermasoft Tattoo

1. A complete versatile design that tattooist loves for a fact that it has unconventional screw on style cartridges without additional adapters. It also has adjustable strokes that varies between 2.8mm to 4.2mm altogether.

2. Its features like multivariate design removes the needs to adapt cartridges and pivoting stainless steel works with RPG cartridges and has a reputation on ease of handling available in variant colors too.

5.HM tattoo machine mini dietzel powerline

HM Mini Dietzel Power Liner – The Needle Parlor

1. This machine is available in copper and brass finishes with a clip cord connection. Has long strokes with hard hits, 10 wrap coils and a lightweight armature bar in a CNC machined iron frame with black oxide iron fittings and silver contact screw.

2.Made in Spain, this machine got decades in its creations with HM tattoo machines receiving the best supplier’s recognition. Its machine weight 12ounces, and has a body well known for serving longer hours for inking.


The art of tattoo making has received immense love and recognition ever since. Yet not to ignore the fact that the artistry required in making a masterpiece on skin requires practice and knowledge with high end perfection in handling the heavy machines that does the task.

Most importantly it is much needed for them to know how to handle it safely and get gears in the most efficient cost. So now you know a lot that goes into making a tattoo as flawless and flaunting as ever.