There are few important and essential questions that each trader should ask himself before making his investments into the trading field. Now the reason for this is that once and by the time a trader asks and finds answers for these below-listed queries, he would have already understood this field better and in this course, everything would have got clarified automatically making it easy and simple for him or her to proceed further. And this is a must for all traders on all trading platforms like the Tesler app. So without wasting much time, let’s just plunge into these questions and their answers and get to know more about this field.


  • First and foremost, traders should know the real meaning of money making. It is not just the money that a trader would want to make in the name of profits, but he should also understand the real value of wealth that he is going to achieve here. this means, he should know exactly what he wants in life and this is all about the freedom that a trader would enjoy in not only making money but also spending it in the way he wants Now, this goal of each trader would help him in making the right trading plans and designing the right trading strategies.
  • Second important thing is the timeframe of the investment. A few might go for long-term investments while a few others might go for short-term However and whatever it is, traders should be able to make a point clear that this term or the timeframe helps the traders in seeing their money grow faster and better. Now in this, the risk factor should also be taken into consideration. Long-term investments generally come with long-term and higher risks while short-term investments come with smaller risks.
  • Next important thing is about the capacity and the capability of the trader. Now investments have to be made after taking into consideration the position of the trader in his life. This means he should make a decision regarding trading after taking into consideration his income levels, tax payments, other external commitments, marital status and his financial position in life. Now when a trader is able to analyze all this before his investments, he would be wise enough to plan his investments according to what he can afford to lose thus making it a sensible option. And a trader who does this is considered a sensible and smart trader.


What is the very reason or base on which the trading field exists? It is nothing but profits and the interest of the traders to make their life more comfortable and convenient by making some investments here and by taking them back in the name of earnings and profits. So when this need of the society was understood and rated, the right source had to be tapped for making this a possibility and this was the reason of evolution of trading. Yes, the need for making some money without any physical efforts or mental pressure is what led to the introduction of trading into the wide-spread market. Now after this was the slow and steady invention and entry of the various any trading systems that we see operating in the system today and these were the ones that stood as pillars and supporters in bringing this field to this level and position. And equal was the interest shown by the traders in trying out all the possible options that were introduced here and it was this untiring effort that led to the reformation and refinement of this field. The one that we have in front of us today is the one that has come after a lot of changes and modifications and all these, undoubtedly are dedicated to systems like the crypto CFD trader. Let`s now take a look at the reason for investment.

Why invest in shares?

Investing and investments are all about how you want to see your money in hand grow and the pace at which you would love to see them grow. Who does not want more money and this has, in today`s world, become a necessity wherein our needs have increased and to fulfill all of them it becomes important to have enough money in hand. And one way of making it without difficulty in trading. now here the important thing to be given attention to is the purpose for which people want to have this extra money in hand. A few might want this for their regular financial commitments which might be a difficulty in settling with just the regular income they get every month; a few might want this money to fulfill some of their bigger desires like buying a car, a house and similarly the need could be anything and it is this that majorly drives and pulls the traders into this field. So whatever the need is, try to have the best options and try investing your money into the right mode for the expected and desired purpose.


Trading happens in the trading market on the various investment options that are presented and granted to the traders for making their investments possible here in this field and this is also an opportunity to be a part of this market.  Now, what are the different options presented to the traders for their investments? Assets, shares, currencies and all other possible investment enabled option. Now each one functions in a different way and believe it or not there are a lot of traders for each of these options trading almost every day and getting back to their beds with a satisfied earning. Now, this keeps them boosted up and they try to be a part of this field every day trying to make something every day. now again there are diversifications in each of these options. There are a lot of assets, currencies and also different types of shares for the traders to choose from for their investments purposes and these are individually listed on any trading platform like the bitcoin loophole just for the sake of the comfort of the traders. let’s take a look at how these shares are diversified.

Shares and their types

First and foremost, when you have decided to make investments in shares, it is important for you to do a small preview work and take into account three important things that would help in making your selections the best.

  • Try going in for shares of companies that are well-known to you or something that you have been following for a long time now.
  • Try investing in the shares of blue-chip companies for they generally have a stable and steady growth.
  • Try getting information about a particular company that you are planning to make your investments with through its financial records, past performance reports, year-end statements etc…

Now based on this, there are three different types of shares available for investments.

  • Income shares – as the name suggests, these are just shares, that are present and operated in the market just to generate income for the shareholders. These shares are generally very low in profile and they also do not promise a higher capital growth.
  • Growth shares – these shares generally have a very high capital growth but the dividends paid out might be very small or nothing at all sometimes.
  • Short-term shares – these shares generally come with high rates of risk and hence these are preferred by people who have high-risk


Now imagine that you are new to the trading field and you have made this entry just to make your luck in this field work for you. Now this is how most of the traders would try gaining an entry into this market and since the entry restrictions are also not that very strict and tough, there are absolutely no special requirements for any trader making an entry here and hence anybody and everybody can be a part of this. So when you are here for the first time, there are a lot of important things that you might have to take into consideration like the functioning of the market, the profitability that it has exhibited in the past few years, your chances of winning trades and also the best trading plans and paths that would guide you in the right direction. Apart from this, a trader should also be very cautious about the risk factors that are lurking here. Anything that involves a great and huge return is definite to be accompanied by risks and before anything else, people should be able to foresee them and gauge their impact on them and their money. This is very much important here in this market because it is this very controversial money that plays all and everything here and as all of us know, when there is money involved, it is definite to bring along with it some very high risks and dangers. So these must be mitigated or tackled in the right way to proceed further in the trading field with any reliable trading platform like the crypto VIP club.

Manage risks

It is not just enough to know the various risks that a trade might bring along with it but it is important for the trader to know the right ways of tackling and solving it at the right time for this would help him in proceeding further in the trading field without a hiccup. So what can be done?

Diversification; this is the only best way to tackle and manage risks. Now that you have decided to be on the trading field by making deposits on one or the other asset, why not try depositing the same amount in small parts with different assets? This is definitely a good option because when you do this the loss on one trade would be easily settled off by the profits from the other and this way you will have both disappointing losses followed by satisfying profits.

Benefits of investing in shares

Before getting into the trading filed, it is very important for you to know the benefits you would be receiving by investing in shares. Of course, the major goal of any trader getting into this market is to make some money out of the small deposit money made by him on assets operating in this field. And it is this money and profit factor that pulls the triggers and makes things possible here. So profit or daily earnings with some of the systems like the Tesler app is a definite happening and traders aim at just this when they make their money deposit here. so now, moving a little further and ahead, there are also other benefits that a trader would receive from this market provided he makes the right decision and chooses to be with the right system. This is of utmost importance because it is this that would form the base for all his trading activities further and once this is done appropriately there would be no stopping and he would find himself moving higher up in the trading and profits ladder. So let`s now take a look at what these other benefits are that a trader would receive from this field and let`s try making the best out of these two for even these might drive your profit mission better and effectively.

Benefits of investing in shares

Now when you decide to invest in a small share of a public holding or a publicly run company, you automatically become a part of or eligible for a percentage of the profits earned by the company in all its endeavors. This is one reason for why you should always look out, identify and make investments with only those companies that are legally allowed to do business and that which comes with a good performance record in the past and the present. Now by doing this, you would get to enjoy the following.

  • Become the owner of that portion of the shareholding in your name and hence that part comes under your
  • By investing in such companies, you get to have a share of the dividends earned by the company in its activities and transactions.
  • Start trading at a cost lower than any other trading system and at the same time would also get the opportunity to become the owner of those shares in hand. So this happens at a very low, unimaginable cost.
  • Easily have an eye on the trading through online options.


There are a lot of different ways in which a trader can make his investments in the trading field. Yes, and the options are so very simple and easy that every trader will get to know them or at least be familiar with the names because some of the usual and regular options are none other than the assets, shares, currencies etc… Now though we say that we have a lot of options and different varieties open to all traders, it sometimes becomes a difficulty. Yes, a trader who is new to this field might find these too many options a little too much when comes to making a selection from among them and it is at this point that we would find these wide-spread options a little too much.

So it is important to know each of them well before a trader decides and chooses to make investments on one and this is possible when he takes this market seriously and gets some basic learning and understanding. Now when a trader does this he would be able to know the difference between them and would also get to know the related factors attached to each of these types. For example, a trader on the bitcoin trader, who has understood the options well and is now ready to make his investments on one of them would also have gauged the risk factors attached with this option. More than anything else, it is this risk that needs to measured well so that the trader would be able to make and take the necessary steps and actions to face them when he is put in a real-life risky situation.

Of course, there is no special learning or teaching that can be imparted for this particular part of trading for each one would experience a different thing and hence it is the personal experience that would make a trader understand it better than anything else. So though we have many books and journals on trading that which come out with something different in each of its new edition some important and crucial things in trading cannot be taught or highlighted by them and one among them is this, facing and managing risks. So take this field with full confidence in yourselves for you can easily do it.

See the lookbook here.


…and just like that…I’m back! I am emerging from my annual one-month social media fast after 35 days. I have so much to say but won’t say any of it yet. Instead, I did some sketches so you can see the difference.

This is how most of the systems in the trading field like the crypto VIP club have come back with a bang. These systems are some of the pioneers in the trading field and for a few years of time, they had vanished from the market. The reason? Probably the existence of the fraudulent systems made their existence or presence a little bleak or traders were blinkered completely. Now however and whatever it is, these systems are back and they are back to make a big difference in the lives of the traders.

These systems have been re-introduced into the trading market after bringing in some reformations. With every new system in the field, the expectations of the traders are increasing and to fulfil these needs , some of the systems that were in the initial days making a big revolution had to now forcibly go through some changes to make them more effective and efficient in the market in helping the traders have a great time in the trading field. And this is how we have these latest systems now in the market helping untiringly the traders with their profit mission through various different strategies and plans and also by supporting them with the able guidance of the brokers online. These brokers are none other than the ones who work as agents and the ones who are well-versed in everything about trades and being in their association would definitely help a trader in understanding this field better and effectively.

I just love before-and-afters, don’t you? So, the first drawing is the Before. It is what social media feels like to me:




The second one is the After:


Aaaaaaahhhh. Much better. On a purely formal level, can you see how the object went from being all upwards, outwards and going in many directions, to an object rather like a chestnut-onion that is all inward, layered and self-contained? That pretty much sums it up. I’ll tell you more soon…but I’ve gotta do this slowly.

Hope you are well and good and that your summer is full of hibiscus iced tea and brightly colored beach towels.

…and one more thing: I’d like to say that you are so much more than an algorithm. And so am I.


Dear World,It is finally time to share my next fabric collection with you. World, meet Story!

What is your story? What is essential to you? Your native tongue? Your family–community–country–tribe–village? What is your color story? Your personal mythology? The legacy of generations?

Story is about community, connection and the essentials of life: home, family, love, garden, nature, stars, moon, sun, animals, friends. In Story, you’ll find archetypal building blocks of your personal narrative. What is your story? Tell us. Share it. Add to it. Make it yours. When we share ourselves with the world, we become whole. 

Staring up at the stars, we capture the magic, wonder and awe of this gorgeous thing we are doing called LIFE. How lucky are we for this chance to breathe the midnight air–to hold another’s hand–to know love–to feel part of a tribe.

Why else do you think we are all here sewing and instagramming about our work? Why is it that sewing, crafting, making and creating call to us in our modern world? That call is the whisper from our ancestors–urging us to make things with our hands to make meaning and magic in our lives. We get to tell our story. Each time we make anything, we etch our realness into the world through our hands. We make sense of this beautiful life by making stuff.


My friends from around the world were asked to tell their stories through the fabric. The results are stunning. They told stories of their families, desires, passions, and myths. Over the next week, stop by their blogs and IG feeds to see their beautiful efforts. Here is the party schedule:

April 13th Tia Curtis, Brooke Sellmann, Jill McNamara

April 14th Shea Henderson, Giuseppe Ribaudo, Jenny Kelly, John Q. Adams

April 15th Verena Ehrhardt, Karen LePage, Rachel Gander, Sally Keller, Cristy Fincher

April 16th Jules Goldin, Amie Petronis Plumley, Bonnie Bobman,

April 17th Daniar Listyasari, Kerry Green, Ramona Burke, Kerry Goulder, Erica Sage

Follow along on Facebook, Instagram and here on the blog. Ask your local quilt shop to carry Story. It ships to stores in September. In fact, email them this post so they can order it from their Windham rep today. Share the love! Tweet it, Pin it, Instagram it and Facebook it! Share pictures of Story! Tag me (@suchdesigns on Instagram) and always use the hashtags #sewyourstory, #storycollection and #carriebloomston.

To enter the giveaway leave a comment below. Three lucky winners will win one a fat quarter bundle of Story and a copy of my book, The Little Spark–30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity.

See the Story Lookbook here.

I can’t wait to see your Story!


Carrie B.


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My book, The Little Spark: 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity, can be purchased wherever books are sold:



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You were born with a creative spark inside. Do you look at yourself now and wonder if the spark has gone out? Ignite that inner fire with the 30 engaging exercises, fun activities, inspirational images, and motivating ideas in this book.

Come to make use of this beautiful chance to get back all that your inner self-has been losing so long. Taking this as a resource for this article I take the pleasure to tell you how useful this can be to your senses.these are simple yet effective choices you make at the right time to ensure a  realistic and beautiful long life.

Learn what your Little Spark of creative passion looks like, how to capture it, and how to make room for it in your life. Read the book cover-to-cover and use it as a month-long creative roadmap, or just dip into the exercises as your time and inclination allow. Either way, you will change your life.





“A professional artist presents a guide to unlocking one’s inspiration and inventiveness. In her debut how-to manual, fabric designer and artist Bloomston offers hands-on techniques and hand-holding encouragement to help overcome an inert imagination. The author recognizes that inspiration can be blocked, and that creativity is sometimes offset by procrastination. In this book, she presents practical advice, motivational words, fun suggestions and write-in exercises in a colorful, highly attractive format designed to produce tangible results. The book’s design beautifully weaves together text, blank write-in spaces, stellar photos and a host of other charming design elements. The titular “spark” refers to a person’s creativity, which the author says is “like a pilot light—it’s always on, even if you aren’t using the stove.” She explores how to get cooking creatively in 30 short chapters that advise readers to, among other things, not be stingy with materials, begin with tiny goals (“achievable, quick steps you can take every day until you are less intimidated by starting”), carve out workable work spaces, discover personal learning styles and disrupt normal patterns of activity to “see the world with new eyes.” Along with encouraging quotes, the author offers practical ideas, such as keeping mugs and jars filled with markers and colored pencils at the ready for when inspiration strikes. The book also offers ways to “share your creations with the world.” Extremely valuable “Do This” exercises in each chapter invite readers to make specific items, such as a “soul box” or a “vision board”; to answer soul-searching questions; and to do activities outside the home that may be beyond one’s comfort zone: “Step outside the normal. Step outside the expected to find your creative self. Be curious.” Bloomston also offers her own personal anecdotes, as well as stories and tips from numerous others; the extensive list of contributors includes designers, artists and business owners. A sparkling blueprint for stimulating creativity.” (Kirkus Review, 12/18/14)

Plunge into a riot of color and shape, slathered with a big helping of encouragement. Bloomston, a fabric designer trained as a painter, offers 30 tips for finding and nourishing the inner artist. Creativity books can be a bit pious, but this one emphasizes the fun of creation. The book is chock-full of concrete, hands-on tips that can help the newbie develop habits of creativity by making things and then making some more things, the principle of repetition (spark #23). (Publishers Weekly Starred Review, 10/7/14)

According to fabric designer Bloomston, creativity is not something you do, it’s who you are. Therefore, the author’s exercises are designed to help readers think from their hearts and outside the box. Some of her “sparks” advise to get involved with physical materials by looking online for craft or community education classes or creating a ritual or talisman. Other ideas comprise removing doubt through positive self-talk and developing a sense of wonder through slowing down. The color photographs and layout of the book are particularly pleasing and inspiring. VERDICT A beneficial and enjoyable title for people who need a bit of a nudge to try something creative, or those who used to paint, write, or sew, who want to do it again. (Library Journal, 11/25/14)

You may know Carrie Bloomston from her work as a rising star in the world of fabric design… Bubbling up inside of her was an idea about an unusual how-to book that would lay out in a playful fashion “all the pieces of wisdom that I’ve learned about creativity from my teachers, or picked up over the course of my life.” She says at the beginning “Your creativity is like a pilot light — it’s always on, even if you aren’t using the stove.” Some of her exercises will help disrupt your normal way of working or looking at the world. Others help you deal with fears or figure out your working style. There are a few projects, including a vision board and something called a Soul Box. How can you not love a book in which the final spark is “Nothing You Need to Know is in This Book Or Any Other”– but still guides you to be more playful and creative? This book is for any person you know who wants to make stuff, any kind of stuff, that is an authentic expression of themselves. (Meg Cox, author of The Book of New Family TraditionsQuilt Journalist Newsletter, 11/24/14)

“One of those books with its own energy and enthusiasm that literally lights you up! Not sure how to describe it because the book is so much more than words. I recommend to anyone who is needing a little creative pick-me-up! 5 stars plus another 5 for the author’s authenticity which makes creativity true, soulful, and powerful! LOVED THIS BOOK.” (Dave Romanelli, author of Happy is the New Healthy, 12/29/14)

I haven’t felt this way about a book since The Four Agreements, which I purchased and gave away repeatedly. (Karen LePage, One Girl Circus, 11/25/14)

 Carrie Bloomston’s new book, The Little Spark – 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity, has completely blown us away with page after page of absolutely inspiring exercises and images to get you out of any creative funk. As much as I wish every single day I woke up with a list full of new ideas, it doesn’t always exactly happen that way, so a book like this is perfect for getting the wheels turning again. (Pretty Prudent, 12/4/14)Carrie writes with great passion, joy and honesty about her creative life. She shares her enthusiasm, her struggles, and her discoveries on her path to greater creativity and personal fulfillment. This is a deeply spiritual book. Not a religious book, but a book about finding meaning and contentment through personal growth, connections, and giving back. It’s about harnessing your essential core – your creativity – and why it is so important to finding your bliss. (Susan Brubaker Knapp, host of Quilting Arts TV, 12/4/14) 
“I loved reading this book – someone once said that anyone who says “I don’t have a creative bone in my body” is seriously underestimating their skeleton. Carrie makes the structures and bones of accessing creativity simple for the reader. I was especially delighted in the structure of the book since it allows the viewer/reader to come back again and again to her ideas in combination or individually for a more concentrated prolonged study.” (artist Doug Baulos, 12/21/14)

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