Oh, my friends, this is my new mantra! Hope you like it as much as I do. Sprinkle that sh*t everywhere! Be the glitter you wish to see in the world. xo, cb


Hi! Hope your 2015 is off to a lovely start. I’m streamlining some of the visual and content aspects of my quirky, offbeat brand in 2015.
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I want to thank you so much for following along with me for the past few years in this meandering journey as we explore such things as: renegade sewing, inspiration, craft & meaning, making art, prayer flags, living a passionate life, textile design, LEGOs, cosmic/existential musings, gratitude, mindfulness, awe-at-this-beautiful-existence, creativity, art school recovery, color theory, banishing the inner-critic, quilting, inner-kid care, the importance of play, momfulness and general Divine Feminine wisdom. It is a random assortment, to be sure. But it is always authentic and honest. I’m grateful to you. I’d love to see you all on Facebook here and Instagram (@suchdesigns) here. I’m giving away one […Continue Reading]


Happy New Year! I wish you a happy, healthy new year filled with all the magic you can muster. I hope your year is ecstatic, wondrous and full of mystery. I hope you can wander back into yourself this year and get real close with your passion. Here are 8 simple reminders from my book to help you have the most creative year ever. I am very fond of number 5: 1. Your creativity is like a pilot light. It is always on, even if you aren’t using the stove. It has been there at the center of you, flickering away since you last used it–maybe when you were a child. But it didn’t leave you. It was a gift you were given by your ancestors who were always making things […Continue Reading]
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I’m posting this last post in the series today in case you’d prefer to create your Vision Board on New Year’s Eve instead of New Year’s Day and I’m including excerpts from my book, The Little Spark–30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity. You know what I tell people to do to prepare for my Vision Board workshops? Nothing. I ask them to become empty–to, as the 12th century Sufi mystic poet, Rumi, so beautifully wrote, “Try and be a sheet of paper with nothing on it.  Be a spot of ground where nothing is growing, where something might be planted, a seed, possibly, from the absolute.” When you come to this exercise you want to be empty of preconceptions so that you can keenly tune in to your heart without the […Continue Reading]


Here is the 3rd post in our series about honoring the New Year with Vision Boards: I hope your walks are going well! As you are busy quieting your mind of noise, it’s time to start preparing to make your Vision Board. Before New Year’s Day, gather any necessary materials. Below is the Materials List from my book: So that’s it…gluesticks (I prefer “Wrinkle-free” which are available at art and craft supply stores), scissors, foam core boards and old magazines. If you happen to have any old copies of O (the Oprah magazine) you will be glad you do! O is filled with inspiring content. Have on hand any magazines that appeal to you right now as you ponder 2015. Choose magazines in a few categories: parenting, knitting, yoga, business, psychology, travel, fly fishing, art, […Continue Reading]


This is the second in a series of posts this week leading up to teaching you to make Vision Boards and other activities on New Year’s Day. First we have to tune in–to slow down–to listen. If your life is anything like mine it is noisy even when it is quiet. I have young children and there is a wonderful constantness to this part of life. Even if I am not particularly busy, the moments, hours and days are very full and constantly noisy. It is hard to listen to the urges from my heart when there is so much pulling me to distraction–even if it is good distraction. And so we have to carve out some time from the noise. DO THIS: For the next few days as we approach […Continue Reading]


This is the first in a series of posts to honor and celebrate the New Year. I hope your holiday has been merry and bright.  As I look back on my year, the word that comes to mind is ABUNDANT. 2014 was full of family, friends, my new book, new fabric collections, prayer flags for the Dalai Lama, this new website, teaching, speaking, and community. I feel blessed by the support you have all shown me on my path. You are in my heart at this time of the year as I reflect. I am more grateful to you than you can even know. New Year’s is, for me, the absolute most meaningful holiday. It is our cosmic, divine annual reset. Everyone likes the freshness of new things. Our calendar gives us this gift once a year in […Continue Reading]
Little Spark Party and Giveaway


Well, hello and happy holidays– The time has come to break the internet! Please join me and my 26 blogger friends this week for a ginormous party to officially celebrate the launch of my new book, The Little Spark–30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity.  We intend to make a bunch of noise, throw some confetti and give away FIVE copies of the book to FIVE lucky winners! Five! And just in time for Christmas giving, huh? I know! The Little Spark is the perfect gift for anyone (of any age) on your holiday shopping list wanting to step into a life of creativity and passion. Here’s what people are saying about The Little Spark: “Plunge into a riot of color and shape, slathered with a big helping of encouragement.” –starred […Continue Reading]


Dear You, Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the US and beyond. It has always been my favorite holiday because of: a) family & friends b) chipotle sweet potatoes and other good foods c) the chance to be thankful d) the feeling of home e) the feeling of…wait…what’s that…a chill in the air? OK, well it’s still 80 here in Arizona. But it is chilly in the morning, so that counts. f) pilgrims g) contentment I just wanted to say thank you today to you here who read this blog and support me. Thanks for all the love you have given my book. Thanks for caring. You are the ones who are helping it fly. I was confused for a second and thought I needed to blow really hard […Continue Reading]


Hiya. My laundry is now folded and I can move on to telling you about the incredible visual feast that is the new Australian modern sewing online quilt magazine called Make Modern! Seriously…have you heard of it? I am dazzled. Check out their second-ever issue over here on their preview. The projects are gorgeous and fresh. I was honored that they did a rather long designer feature of me this month and in celebration, we are giving away three onetime subscriptions to the magazine. You are absolutely going to love it. Also, I have always been really fond of the esthetic sensibility of the vibrant modern sewing movement in Australia. They have it going on over there. I see in Australian designers an inherent lack of fear and limitation–a lot […Continue Reading]