…and just like that…I’m back! I am emerging from my annual one-month social media fast after 35 days. I have so much to say but won’t say any of it yet. Instead, I did some sketches so you can see the difference.

This is how most of the systems in the trading field like the crypto VIP club have come back with a bang. These systems are some of the pioneers in the trading field and for a few years of time, they had vanished from the market. The reason? Probably the existence of the fraudulent systems made their existence or presence a little bleak or traders were blinkered completely. Now however and whatever it is, these systems are back and they are back to make a big difference in the lives of the traders.

These systems have been re-introduced into the trading market after bringing in some reformations. With every new system in the field, the expectations of the traders are increasing and to fulfil these needs , some of the systems that were in the initial days making a big revolution had to now forcibly go through some changes to make them more effective and efficient in the market in helping the traders have a great time in the trading field. And this is how we have these latest systems now in the market helping untiringly the traders with their profit mission through various different strategies and plans and also by supporting them with the able guidance of the brokers online. These brokers are none other than the ones who work as agents and the ones who are well-versed in everything about trades and being in their association would definitely help a trader in understanding this field better and effectively.

I just love before-and-afters, don’t you? So, the first drawing is the Before. It is what social media feels like to me:




The second one is the After:


Aaaaaaahhhh. Much better. On a purely formal level, can you see how the object went from being all upwards, outwards and going in many directions, to an object rather like a chestnut-onion that is all inward, layered and self-contained? That pretty much sums it up. I’ll tell you more soon…but I’ve gotta do this slowly.

Hope you are well and good and that your summer is full of hibiscus iced tea and brightly colored beach towels.

…and one more thing: I’d like to say that you are so much more than an algorithm. And so am I.