This is the first in a series of posts to honor and celebrate the New Year.

I hope your holiday has been merry and bright.  As I look back on my year, the word that comes to mind is ABUNDANT. 2014 was full of family, friends, my new book, new fabric collections, prayer flags for the Dalai Lama, this new website, teaching, speaking, and community.

I feel blessed by the support you have all shown me on my path. You are in my heart at this time of the year as I reflect. I am more grateful to you than you can even know.

New Year’s is, for me, the absolute most meaningful holiday. It is our cosmic, divine annual reset. Everyone likes the freshness of new things. Our calendar gives us this gift once a year in the form of a new year. The new year is full of optimism, energy and hope. We allow ourselves this time to start new things, work on old issues, heal, move forward – to think, feel and act differently. We even save up the biggies and act on them as resolutions.

I use the last two weeks of the year to hunker into my family and to myself. In the days leading up to Christmas I am always amazed by how my mind and heart have already moved on to the bigger fish – my intentions and desires for the new year. The year coalesces through year-end lists that help crystallize the patterns and structures of the previous year in ways we may have been unaware of because we were too close to actually see the whole picture. As a fractal of the larger pattern of life, the end of the year offers the vantage of old age. We learn something from ourselves. We act on what we find as we are birthed into the next year. Babes again. Time to start fresh – but not to start over. To start over would be to rob ourselves of the earned wisdom of each year. So we start new and renewed. We begin again. And again. We play – we play even with the stuff of our very life. We approach it as a child. We find joy.

It really is supposed to feel good. We are allowed to be happy, to feel good and joyful, to be creative with our life and listen to our heart and passions.

vision board party

That is what I’m going to help you do for the next five days here on my blog – to help you prepare for the sacred act of intention-setting on New Year’s Day with fun, creative activities like creating a Vision Board. Never heard of a Vision Board? Simply put, a Vision Board is a collage of cut and pasted magazines images you create with nothing but a few magazines, a foam core board, glue stick and scissors…but there is so much more I will tell you this week! Vision Boards are sheer magic. They are a visual manifestation of our heart’s desires. The key is tuning-in and actually listening. And I will tell you how.

There is so much more to say about this, and in fact, there is a whole chapter in my book, The Little Spark – 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity, devoted to creating Vision Boards.  Over the course of this week, I will write a few posts to help you tune into your heart and your mind for the process of setting your intentions as well as prepare your materials for your own New Year’s Day Vision Board. Stay tuned!