There are few important and essential questions that each trader should ask himself before making his investments into the trading field. Now the reason for this is that once and by the time a trader asks and finds answers for these below-listed queries, he would have already understood this field better and in this course, everything would have got clarified automatically making it easy and simple for him or her to proceed further. And this is a must for all traders on all trading platforms like the Tesler app. So without wasting much time, let’s just plunge into these questions and their answers and get to know more about this field.


  • First and foremost, traders should know the real meaning of money making. It is not just the money that a trader would want to make in the name of profits, but he should also understand the real value of wealth that he is going to achieve here. this means, he should know exactly what he wants in life and this is all about the freedom that a trader would enjoy in not only making money but also spending it in the way he wants Now, this goal of each trader would help him in making the right trading plans and designing the right trading strategies.
  • Second important thing is the timeframe of the investment. A few might go for long-term investments while a few others might go for short-term However and whatever it is, traders should be able to make a point clear that this term or the timeframe helps the traders in seeing their money grow faster and better. Now in this, the risk factor should also be taken into consideration. Long-term investments generally come with long-term and higher risks while short-term investments come with smaller risks.
  • Next important thing is about the capacity and the capability of the trader. Now investments have to be made after taking into consideration the position of the trader in his life. This means he should make a decision regarding trading after taking into consideration his income levels, tax payments, other external commitments, marital status and his financial position in life. Now when a trader is able to analyze all this before his investments, he would be wise enough to plan his investments according to what he can afford to lose thus making it a sensible option. And a trader who does this is considered a sensible and smart trader.